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NASG S-Mod Standards - Corner Module Construction


Connecticut S Gaugers Modules


Sample NASG Module

For those members who wish to build a module here's a photo of my own that was built according to NASG SMod Standards.-- Craig S.O'Connell

This is my urban module built according to NASG standards using code .125 Micro Engineering Rail, HomaBed and Kappler S scale wood ties. The track is all hand spiked. There are four straight lines of rail. The urban scenery was added.


The buildings here are kitbashed from HO and enhanced by my own lettering and details. They demonstrate what can be done with S gauge aside from the old Plasticville structures some of us grew up with. Modules can also be enhanced with forced perspective using backdrops. These are standard backdrops sold from model railroading suppliers. Figures, these ones are handpainted by me from Railmaster Exports in New Zealand, add life to a modular scene and are easy to add.


Here are some photos of the underside of this module:

Note that the underside of the table is painted white so that when you're on your back lying on the floor looking up at the table you'll see things more clearly.


This shows the wiring and how it is labeled. Note that we are no longer using Red and Yellow cab lines so you'll just need 4 lines: IY = Inside Yard, OY=Outside Yard, IM=Inside Main and OY=Outside Main.


The cinch plugs are all clearly labeled and bundled together at each end of the table. The wires inside the plugs are soldered and taped with black electrical tape to avoid short circuits.



Connecticut S Gaugers gather for a rare photo op at the NASG Convention in Worcester, July '98.

Handpainted backdrop by Bill Krause.


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