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"ALL GAUGE TRAIN SHOW" - Yale University, New Haven, CT, August 19, 2001.

The Connecticut S Gaugers took the modular layout to the August 19, 2001 "All Gauge Train Show" at Yale University's Payne Whitney Gym in New Haven, CT. The show was a sponsored by CSG members John and Robin Vanacore and featured a large display of S gauge, by exhibitors, vendors and clubs. Present to help out were Larry Hally, Stan Stokrocki, Jim La Roche, Steve Kutash, Heidi Nagel, Ron Stringer, Bob Ritchie, Pieter Roos, Bill Fuhrman, Ann O'Connell, Aud Terry, Bruce Carter and Craig O'Connell.


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Larry Hally and Steve Kutash get under the tables to set up the electrical.

Ron Stringer and Heidi Nagel set up Ron's module.

Stan Stokrocki and Ron Stringer secure the electrical extension as Heidi Nagel looks on.

Jim LaRoche fastens the skirting in place.

Bill Fuhrman adds final touches to his module. Ann O'Connell and Heidi Nagel take a social break.

Jim LaRoche and Larry Hally attending to the details.

Steve Kutash answers questions from the viewers.

SHS Amtrak and AF steamer pass each other in time.

Ron Stringer at the command post.
Larry Hally in operation.
Ron Stringer and Stan Stokrocki.
Bill Fuhrman's car washer.
AM locomotives on Craig O'Connell's urban module.

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