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Canal Line - Plantsville - Page Thirteen
The Canal Line - Southern End in Connecticut - Page Thirteen


There is about a two mile stretch of the former Canal Line right of way in Plantsville that has been transformed into a recreational trail for walkers, joggers, cyclists and the like. The photos on this page were taken in July, 2004. This photo is looking northbound on the former rail line. Photo by Craig S. O'Connell

This photo, in the center of Plantsville, looks southbound toward Milldale. The tracks are still evident in the street, the former grade crossing. Photo by Craig S. O'Connell


This building is along the south end of the recreational trail on the east side of the path.

This photo shows a closeup of the same building suggesting that there was probably a freight siding going into this industrial area.

Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


Heading north along the recreational trail there is this odd shaped amalgam of connected buildings. They were clearly served by the rail traffic here. One can easily make out the tracks of a siding in the grass and the bumper where the bridge crosses a river. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


This is another set of buildings along the east side of the former right of way looking northbound. It's clear from the photo at far right that the loading dock was for the freight trains that came through here daily. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


Strip this building of its additions and it may well have been a station on the Canal Line. Doty's Whistle Stop Restaurant is located on West Center Street in Southington. While this structure may look like it might have been the Southington railroad station I'm told that this was not the case. Photo by Craig S. O'Connell

This was undoubtedly the former Ideal Forging Company, in Southington, forced out of business by overseas competition. Rex Forge (Division of J.J. Ryan Corp.) was located south of this location, on Atwater Street.The last time I saw a train come through here was roughly 1993. I believe it was a Guilford Transportation System (formerly Boston & Maine) freight picking up a large transformer from Rex Forge. I'm told that the last time a train came this far south on these tracks was when Rex Forge had a large press delivered on a flatcar from the Buffalo area circa1996 or 1997. A Boston & Maine caboose, along with the flatcar were spotted on the main line. Exceptions were made for this final run. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


End of the least for the recreational trail in Southington. This is at Curtiss Street where the tracks emerge into view once again on this abandoned rail line. The views are northbound. See Canal Line page 11 for what's ahead. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell

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