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Trainwatching Report: Depew, New York - April 21st, 1999

Trainwatching Report

Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
April 21st, 1999 - Continued From Page 1

Conrail #1953 leads local train FY-14 on Track #4

     Here is Local Train FY-14 with Conrail B23-7 #1953 on the lead on Track #4 at 2:04pm. This train serves several industries in the area near Frontier Yard and runs nearly every day. Power is usually a B23-7 but in some cases, there has been B36-7's or SW1500's for power. Also, since this is a local train, it usually has a caboose.

Conrail #5547 leads Train TV-261 west on Track #1

TV-261 heads west on Track #1 with SD60M #5547 leading an NS unit and a third CR unit at 2:26pm.

Amtrak #247 leads the Westbound Maple Leaf on Track #2

Another rare F40 soldiers west on Track #2 with Amtrak #63, the Toronto bound Maple Leaf at 3:16pm.  Note the white Amtrak Logo on the nose, something different... 

Another view of Local Train FY-14

On its way to the A-Industrial Track is FY-14 once again, this time, at 3:35pm.

Conrail #6806 leads eastbound TV-258 on Track #2

At 3:39pm, we see Train TV-258 with SD50 #6806 on the lead heading east on Track #2.

Conrail MT-6 Slug/SD38 Hump Yard Units

     Shortly after I left Depew, I stopped by the old Thruway Mall Facility and spotted this MT-6/SD38 lashup getting ready to handle another cut of cars at the Frontier Hump Yard Facility. The road overpass in the background is Harlem Road in Cheektowaga, New York.

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