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Trainwatching Report: Depew, New York - April 21st, 1999

Trainwatching Report

Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
Wednesday, April 21st, 1999

     The Amtrak Station located at 55 Dick Road in Depew, New York is a great place to watch trains. I headed over there one day after school to do some trainwatching.  This photo essay shows what I saw that day.   

Conrail #5615 - Westbound Mixed Freight

     Here is a westbound Multi-Level train with SD60M #5615 on the lead heading into Frontier Yard on the #4 Track at 12:30pm.

Conrail #6461 Leads PISE On Track #1

     Leaving Frontier Yard on Track #3 is the eastbound PISE with SD40-2 #6461 leading at 12:42pm.

Conrail #6034 Leads Train ML-480X on Track #1

Leading Train ML-480X is C40-8 #6034 on Track #1at 12:56pm.

Conrail #6220 Leads Train TV-99 on Track #2

TV-99 Passes by heading west on Track #2 with C40-8W #6220 on the lead at 1:00pm

Conrail #6128 Leads Train TV-79 on Track #2

At 1:30 pm, TV-79 passes by with C40-8W #6128 heading west.

Amtrak #291 Leads the Eastbound Maple Leaf on Track #2

     One of the last places to see F40's in regular service is on Amtrak's Trains to and from Toronto, witness #291 stopping at the Depew Station on its way to New York City at 1:52pm. It will be only a matter of weeks and Amtrak plans to replace these units with P32AC-DM's, so get your shots now!!!

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