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Trainwatching Report - Depew, New York - June 24th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
June 24th, 1999

   I went back to Depew once again today to trainwatch some more, it was an interesting day, when I got there, 3 of the 4 tracks running past the station had parked trains on them, a sign of the times. Rumor has it that there were trains backed up as far as Buffalo, trying to get into Selkirk!!!. Hopefully, CSX will straighten this mess out quickly before it starts to cost them big time.  Anyways, here is what I saw today...

   My little tradition continues.  I took Amtrak Train #286 up to Depew from Downtown Buffalo to get here today, and this time, we had P32AC-DM #707 on the lead of the Empire State Express, seen here stopped at the station at 9:03am.

   Running 3 and a half hours late is Amtrak Train #48, the Lake Shore Limited, bound for New York City, seen here pulling into the station at 9:48am. Over the past few months, Amtrak has been equipping this train with 1 P42DC and an F40PH, for some reason.  Today, P42 #79 was leading with F40 #350 trailing.   When the train stopped, I was able to meet up with 2 members of the Greater Capital District Railfan Association, as they were heading to Albany.

Pulling this Eastbound manifest is CSX C44-9W #9030 on Track #2 at 10:26am.

Next up is Conrail SD70MAC leading the Eastbound INSE-3 on Track #2 at 11:01am.

   This ML Train, being lead by Conrail SD60M #5531 is seen passing the Western End of the station platform on Track #2 at 12:13pm.  One thing that CSX has done which has not made some railfans happy, is they have taken a good chunk of Conrail's good power and sent it all down South, it has become rare to see an SD60M or SD60I leading a CSX Freight since June 1st.

Conrail C40-8W #6129 leads the Eastbound TV-14 on Track #2 at 1:22pm.

Another Eastbound!!!  This time, CSX SD50 #8555 leads this Manifest past the station at 1:32pm.

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