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Trainwatching Report - Depew, New York - June 18th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
June 18th, 1999 - Continued From Page 1

Stopping for a crew change is Train BUSY-8X on Track #1.  Trains typically switch crews at the Amtrak Station as well as at a local Fire Hall about a mile or so up the tracks from where I was standing.  Today's power was a par of SD80MAC's with #4124 leading. 

Passing the stopped BUSY-8X is Train TV-14 on Track #2 at 1:24pm with C40-8 #7640 on the Lead. 

   Heading back to the yard from the A-Industrial Track, is Frontier Yard Local Train FY-14 at 2:06pm. Before the Conrail Breakup, this train usually sported GE B23-7's or B36-7's for power, but since June 1st, I have seen this train with EMD power, witness GP38-2 #8051 leading an SW1500, while a curious young railfan looks on from the platform.

Next up is Train SEBU-6 with CSX C40-8 #7516 leading on Track #1 at 2:12pm. 

More Union Pacific Power!!!  Seen here is this Westbound Stack Train on Track #2 powered by UP AC4400CW #7191 at 2:32pm. 

Train TV-77 was next with CSX C40-8W #7737 on the lead for power on Track #2 at 2:47pm. 

At 3:09pm, on Track #1 this time is FY-14 coming back from Lancaster heading west. 

Running nearly 20 minutes late is Amtrak #63 the Maple Leaf with F40PH #265 on the lead pulling into the Station on Track #2.  I've said this before and will say it once again, the F40's days are really numbered on these trains, get your pix while you still can!!! 

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