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Trainwatching Report - Depew, New York - June 18th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
June 18th, 1999

   18 days into CSX's control of their portion of Conrail and things have gone crazy in Buffalo!!!  This would end up being one of the busiest days of trainwatching I would experience in a long time.  This trainwatching session brought me back to one of my favorite spots, the Amtrak Station in Depew, here's what I saw...

I took a quick 15 minute ride up from Downtown Buffalo on Amtrak Train #286, seen here at 9:01am in Depew with P32AC-DM #706 on the lead, bound for New York City. 

   Next up was Train SEBR-7 with Union Pacific power.  C40-8W #9466 leads this Westbound on Track #1 at 9:11am. CSX leased several units from Union Pacific for the Conrail Breakup as CSX is very power short, running light road switchers on regular freights. 

At 9:48am, this CSX manifest came through Depew with C40-8W #7729 on the lead on Track #2. 

Heading East on Track #2 is "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8332, former Conrail #6078 leading Train NFSE-8 at 10:16am. 

CSX B40-8 #5949 leads Train ML-488 past the Depew Station at 11:34am on Track #2. 

At Noon, on Track #3, Train SEBU-7Y heads past Depew Station with CSX SD40-2 #8119 on the lead, on its way into Frontier Yard. 

   This is the first photo I have taken of a renumbered "Ex-Con" heading to CSX. CSX took a slightly different approach to renumbering its Conrail Units, instead of applying a piece of white vinyl over the existing number, they opted to paint over the original number and add orange-colored numbers over the paint with CSXT sublettering under the number, and replace the numberboards as well.  Today, SD50 #8668 leads the westbound TV-5 on Track #1 at 12:08pm. 

Old CSX C30-7 #7029 leads an eastbound manifest through Depew Station on Track #2 at 12:15pm.

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