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Westbound Home from the NRHS 2010 Convention

by Chris Guenzler

After I got done at the Strasburg Railroad I took PA 741 East to Gap and turned south onto PA 41 which I took south into Delaware. At Avodale, PA there was a detour due to a major accident which didn't cost me that much time.

At Hockessin in Delaware I found this Pennsylvania Railroad steam engine and station. After that brief stop I took DE 48 right into Wilmington and ran right to the Amtrak Station. I parked the rental car in the same spot and then called Hertz to tell them their car was back. He came out to help me with my bags to the station and we settled up. I found out where to stand on the platform for my Business Class ride to DC at 1:30 PM then went up to the platform to wait for my train to start the trip home.

Acela Express 2164 to Boston came and went at Wilmington.


Acela Express 2117 to Washington DC came and went at Wilmington.

Northeast Regional 176 arrived into Wilmington on time just before my train to DC.

Acela Regional 125 6/30/2010

I boarded the Business Class Car and started working on the Virginia Transportation Museum story. In no time we were arriving into Washington, DC Union Station and I detrained. I went to the Club Acela and got On-Line until it was time to be taken out to the train. My Red Cap loaded me and my luggage onto a cart and drove me out to the waiting Capitol Limited.

Capitol Limited 6/30/2010

This train had Engines 48, 125 and 513, Baggage 1730, Transition 39013, Sleepers 32012 and 32062, Diner 37012, Lounge 33002 with Coaches 34073, 34063 and 34003. I had Room 7 with Jameel as my Sleeping Car Attendant. The train left Washington right on time and we were off to Chicago. I worked on the stories the whole trip except when I had a 5 PM Dinner Reservation. I was seated with a gentlemen going to Toledo in this Diner Lite Car and had a really good and tasty steak along with Key Lime Pie. The low point of that meal was no Dinner Rolls. The crew said it was the second time that Chicago forgot to put them on the train. I enjoyed Sand Patch Grade until it got dark at the summit and I finished the Cass story before calling it a night.


I woke up in eastern Indiana and went to the Dining Car seated with a father and his young son. Turns out that this little guy beats his dad at Chess whenever they play. They were headed to Chicago. I had French Toast and some Crispy Bacon. I worked on the Strasburg Story and finished it before we arrived into Chicago 17 minutes late at 9:02 AM ending a nice trip on the Capitol Limited.


I went to the Metropolitan Lounge and stored my luggage. I uploaded all of the stories and the few missing pictures before I checked each one. I went up to Gold Coast for a pair of Char Dogs and then waited for the corrections to arrive via E-mail. Winston proofed all four stories. I got them up and posted on my web site as well is With time to myself, I applied for a job at Carr Intermediate and now would wait to see. The conductor took my ticket and I told him where my 1,250,000.0 would be taking place tonight 3.1 miles west of WB Jct at MP at Milepost 391.8 of the BNSF Marceline Sub. They then walked us out to board the train.

Southwest Chief 3 7/1/2010 The First Train through in 9 Days

This train consisted of Engines 16 and 190, Baggage 1710 and 1211, Transition 39034, Sleepers 32006 and 32005, Diner 38046, Lounge 33023 with Coaches 34005, 34133, 34136 and 31010. I had Room 12 in the 32005 Sleeper with Rachel as my Sleeping Car Attendant. I hope to relax all the way to Los Angeles. The train left Chicago on time and headed to Naperville with me watching a movie. West of Naperville we were running alongside of a westbound BNSF coal train when our brakes locked up and wouldn't release. We sat while they tried to come up with a solution. Finally on the move, I went to the Dining Car at 5 PM and was seated with a gentleman from Charlestown, WV and another guy making his Amtrak trip going to Fullerton. I enjoyed another excellent steak and vanilla ice cream for dessert. At the end of dinner, we backed up two tenths of a mile then switched tracks so that makes it now at Milepost 391.4 on the BNSF Marceline Sub. I watched Rock n' Roll High school that took me past Galesburg which we left at 7:25 PM {5:53 PM} and headed to the Cameron Connection to enter the old Santa Fe Railroad. Next stop after crossing the Mississippi River is Fort Madison. I put on another movie. The train got stopped just short of the Mississippi River Bridge. After the bridge closed we headed towards the bridge.

The sunset along the Mississippi River along the Illinois side.

The Mississippi River looking up river.

The Mississippi River, Fort Madison and sunset.

Looking downstream at the Mississippi River. The train made a longer than normal fresh air break at Fort Madison. I learned that a male passenger tried to climb out the window in the door in an attempt to kill himself. The car attendant stopped him and called for help over the PA System. The train left Fort Madison and I called Bob Cox and finally got him. The train ran nonstop to La Plata and after that I called it a night as I would get my 1,250,000.0 rail mile at MP 391.4 on the BNSF Marceline while I slept tonight.


I woke up at 6:25 AM somewhere in central Kansas and went to the Dining Car for a breakfast of French Toast and bacon. I went back to bed and didn't get up until 10:00 AM. I shaved and changed my clothes just before we arrived into La Junta. I took some fresh air on a warm late morning with a gentle breeze blowing. The train left La Junta at 10:35 AM {8:30 AM} and headed for Trinidad.

The train leaving La Junta.

Santa Fe Steam Engine 1024 on display at the west end of La Junta. I read the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper before I worked on the August Orange County Railway Historical Society program. I got an 11:30 Lunch Reservation so lunch would be climbing Raton Pass. We paused at Trinidad before making the assault on Raton Pass. I had lunch of an Angus Beef Burger and vanilla ice cream as we passed the through the Raton Tunnel. I took fresh air at Raton and we then became the first train to pass through the multiple washout area since it happened 9 days ago. I walked to the rear coach and would be at the rear door until we had cleared them all.

Five looking behind as the clouds build as we run across the High Plains.

The train went through this truss bridge.

French, New Mexico is where they wyed Train 3 to turn it around into Train 4 and it would wait for the buses from Albuquerque. Thank God I did not have to be bussed.

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