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Westbound Home from the NRHS 2010 Convention Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

That thunderhead is really building.

The first semaphore signal on the line.

Semaphore signals at Colomer.

Two views of Wagon Mound.

Three views looking back.

Shoemaker siding in Shoemaker Canyon.

Shoemaker Canyon.

Semaphore signals at Shoemaker Canyon.

Shoemaker Canyon.

Semaphore signals at Shoemaker Canyon.

Stable foundations at Fort Union.

Semaphore signals at Watrous. A few miles to the west the train slowed for the first washout area.

The trip through the first washout zone the smaller of the two.

The train passed the east switch at Onava and I returned to my room for a few minutes as we did the Las Vegas station stop. After that, I returned to the rear door.

One big thunderhead.

Semaphore signals.

Semaphore signals at Ojita.

Three more sets of semaphore signals.

A view looking back. The train came to a stop waiting for men and equipment to clear off the tracks for us.

Semaphore signals at Chapelle. The train would now enter the major washout zone as we ran through at restricted speed.

Three views of the repairs being made.

This set of semaphore signals is in the middle of it.

Two cases of "Watching me, Watching you" as the BNSF employees photograph our train as I photographed them in the scene.

The rest of the trip through the major washout zone as repairs have been made allowing us to pass through. It ended at the siding at Blanchard and we resumed speed.

The BNSF equipment is ready to go back to work. The train took the "S" curve and crossed the Pecos River. We then climbed up and over Glorieta Pass and down through Apache Canyon into Lamy where a BNSF ballast train was waiting. From here we ran into Albuquerque at a slower speed that normal as we must be waiting on a New Mexico Railrunner Train to Santa Fe we met at Domingo. After a second met with another one of their trains we arrived into Albuquerque. We pulled into Albuquerque and I got on line using Herozdata and uploaded the pictures and story so far so Winston could get a jump on proofing it. The train left Albuquerque at 6:55 PM {4:55 PM} with me in the Dining Car seated with three other passengers. They had no bottled water so I had to go back to my room to get some. There was no bacon at lunch and they were out of all desserts except ice cream. I had yet another excellent steak and vanilla ice cream. I left the dinner after we crossed the Rio Grande River and caught up the story by Dalies. I took a shower before I put on my Poison Live DVD to take me west towards Gallup. The DVD finished so I made up my room and called it a night. Tomorrow I will be home sweet home!

7/3/2010 I was awaken by loud talking right before Victorville and after I prepared myself for the day. I enjoyed a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll and orange juice as the train rolled through the Upper Victorville Narrows. Conductor Dave Arthur stopped by for a visit as the train climbed the east flank of Cajon Pass. There appears to be fog on the west side of the pass as we have arrived at Summit in bright sunshine. The train dropped down the South Track through the fog bank then popped back into the sunshine. But near Cajon we went back under the clouds as we had a BNSF stack train coming down Track 2 above Sullivan Curve. The fog continued through Blu Cut before we ran into the sunshine and back into the fog just before our San Bernardino station and fresh air break stop. From here we ran to Riverside and on to Fullerton. The train then made the final sprint arriving into LAUPT at 9:28 AM {8:15 AM} ending another great Southwest Chief.

Surfliner 768 7/3/2010

I boarded the train home to Santa Ana. The train left Los Angeles and after 10:00 AM I called Lets Talk Trains, the Internet Radio Program, as I usually do. The train stopped at Fullerton and Anaheim before dropping me off at Santa Ana ending a fantastic trip of many new rides, the NRHS Convention, West Virginia Rails 2010 and many more things. Plus I was lucky to be on that first train through the washout area that had caused bussing from Albuquerque to Raton. It is good to be home! I got picked up and was very happy when we pulled up to the house ending this most wonderful adventure.