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LA Travel and Adventuire Show 2022

LA Travel and Adventure Show, 2022

March 12 - 13, 2020

Photos and Report by Carl Morrison  - Comments welcomed at or

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I attend the Travel and Adventure Show each year when it is in Los Angeles.  I get a press pass to attend in return for a report and photos for and  It is held on Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center; Traffic is relatively light to drive my 2020 Tesla 3 there for the day. 

I like to look for tourist trains to mention to my readers and there are always California destinations represented as well as Western US destinations to which we could drive our Tesla's or other EVs. (Gas this day is nearing $6 a gallon.)  A highlight for me is also hearing the travel writers, this year including Peter Greenberg, and Pauline Frommer (both of which I present their presentation notes below.)

Program cover

A photo booth, sponsored by Miami this year, is usually a first stop for me.  They provide a free 4 x 6 color print and email you the same image.

One train reference was at the Yuma, Arizona booth.  They promoted their Historic Coronado Motor Hotel as having many photos of the Santa Fe route through their town.

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The reason I attended the Travel and Adventure show was to hear Travel Writers speak.  Peter was the first.

Peter attracted a full audience.

Notes from Peter's talk:

Because of the attach on Ukraine by Russia going on on this date, 60% of the air space is off limits in reference to travel.

There has been a 20% increase in air fares in the last 10 days; get your tickets for future flights now and use points (which are being devalued by airlines)

He stressed, "Have a conversation" with hotels, airlines, etc.because using only the Internet limits your possibilities.  If the Internet says there are only 2 rooms left, that is a lie, it is only 2 rooms that have been allotted to Internet inventory.

Never buy travel insurance from a cruise line or airline; buy it from a Travel Agent

There are 196 countries and only 5 you should not go to now.

"Have a conversation" with your car rental company.  In Hawaii they are renting cars for $1,200 a day.

Because of the recent ship fire and sinking of a load of Lamborghini's, Porsche's, high end VWs, etc.  Ask the car rental company, "Has this car been in a flood."  And because the car agencies sold cars in COVID and listed them as stolen, ask, "Am I driving a stolen car?".  When you rent a car take time-coded photos on your phone of all dents and scratches inside and out and go back and have agent verify them before taking your rental car out.

Peter loves AMTRAK.  He mentioned the $500 USA fare ($250 for kids).

He says there are two kinds of luggage, "Carry on and Lost."

If resort fees are on your bill, and they were not disclosed at the start, that is unlawful because of the "Failure to Disclose" law.

Stay on the 6th floor or below since fire fighters cannot reach above the 6th floor (he is a volunteer fire fighter in New York City).

Make hotel reservations with the MOD, Manager on Duty, the only person who knows the inventory and who can make deals.  Give an e-mail thank you if you get an upgrade or something like it.

His e-mail:

He does a Facebook live on Thursdays

He has a PBS show, "Travel Detective"

He has a "The Royal Tour" show and April 21 it is on the lady monarch of Tanzania

He is on the Today Show and is the CBS News Travel Editor

His webpage: with articles

His Facebook page:

IMG_0498.jpg    IMG_0526.jpg

Pauline Frommer (Left- While speaking; Right at Q and A after her presentation.)

Even though her presentation was at 3 to 4 pm, she drew a capacity crowd.

My favorite presenter over the years is Pauline Frommer, daughter of Arthur Frommer who authored "Europe on $5 a Day".  She runs

Notes from Pauline Frommer's presentation:

She always tells the audience to take out their cell phones and take photos of her presentation screens rather than taking down notes:

Her favorite award.

This was in 2021.



Lock in air, cruise and excursion reservations immediately for future trips before the fuel surcharges take place.


Use a different browser or computer to make a reservation online because they track your searching on the first browser and raise prices before your reserve because they know you are interested.

American, Southwest, and Spirit allowed their pilots to retire early during the pandemic and now are short of pilots.

BOYCOTT AMERICAN because they won't get you on another airlines when their own flights are canceled.

Air BNBs may be more expensive than hotels nowadays because they have begun adding fees which might make the advertised rate twice as much at paying time.

IMG_0506.jpg    IMG_0507.jpg

Join hotel loyalty programs for free - may get you free Internet at the hotel.

Resort Fees are tacked on because they are a tax dodge.


Why you may not be able to sleep well the first night on a trip - because the rooms smells different.  Bathroom trips - don't drink anything 3 hours before bedtime.


Rental car alternatives:  Turo, ZipCar, Lyft Rentals, Uhaul.

IMG_0517.jpg    IMG_0518.jpg

Get travel insurance, it covers pandemics now. Recommends:  CFAR Cancel For Any Reason

When looking for travel insurance, the middle of the price range for insurance is best - it covers the most.

IMG_0519.jpg    IMG_0520.jpg

Budah saying, "I traveled, I saw, I grew."

I was surprised and pleased that all Media attendees received a Go Be airplane tray cover.  (Their booth above.)

Their website says, "Did You Know…Scientists found that the most germ-infested place on a plane is your tray table. In fact, they discovered it to be 8 times germier than the plane’s toilet flush button.

Super-Hygienic Tray Table Sleeves.  Meet Go-Be™. The reusable antimicrobial airplane tray covers that give you the confidence to get back out there and fly—with style.  Shop at:

When I left, I passed these Mayan dancers.

Exhibitor List with links to their websites:

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