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Trains of Cajon Pass, California

Trains of Cajon Pass, California

Photos by Carl Morrison,

May 25, 2010

Location:  Kenwood Exit off northbound I-15 just north of I-215 merger.  Left after exit.  Right on Cajon Blvd. (Historic Route 66).  Note masonry wall.  Tracks and river north of pullout.

The Yucca's are in bloom in late May in Cajon Pass.

Location:  Northbound I-15, Hwy. 138 exit, turn left across I-15 and RR bridge, take one-lane turn, right,  down to old hwy. pavement, then left to Mormon Rocks and RR underpass under 138.

Don't the contrails make the train and rocks look Spiritual?

Interesting wind erosion of the sandstone Morman Rocks nearby.

UP Helpers at the natural crossover of UP and ATSF tracks near Mojave Narrows Regional Park (18000 Yates Rd Victorville, CA 92392).  Ridgecrest  and Yates Rd.

BNSF south/westbound freight on top track of crossover.  I decided to replace the graffiti with my own.

Mountains beyond crossover with upper tracks and Joshua Trees in foreground.

Looking east from Hwy 138 at Summit.

Hwy. 138 at Summit.  I-15 goes up the far ridge of Cajon Pass.

Ready to head down Hwy. 138 back to I-15 and home to Orange County, CA. - Trains and other Outdoor Photographs for viewing and purchase.

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