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John Fenton Speaking on Metrolink



Text and Photos by Carl Morrison,

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John Fenton Speaking on Metrolink

Mr. Fenton gave some background:

There are 144 Metrolink trains a day

One million people travel on
Metrolink a month.

Commute times in automobiles are the highest in 16 years.

Safety is 1st priority of Metrolink

He has looked at 'instances'

On-time means within 5 minutes.

    Night Service
    Dodger game service
    Third shift

You can't cut your way to prosperity, but you have to figure a way to grow.

John Fenton

Metrolink is looking for partnerships with the 8,000 corporations along Metrolinks right-of-way.

It takes $80 to 100 million to build a mile of freeway.  It costs $2.7 million per coach car.

Naperville, IL, went from 40,000 residents to 300,000 population after they added express trains into Chicago.

Maybe Metrolink needs express trains that do not stop at the LAUS station, adding commute time to those heading past LAUS.

The "Guardian Fleet" is the name for Metrolink's new crash resistant locomotive/cab cars.

PTC is another big project for Metrolink as well as a 'sealed corridor project.'

New locomotives are 4,700 horsepower.

The Service Expansion Program to make 30-minute trains between Fullerton and Laguna Niguel is slowed and Mr. Fenton says it is 15 - 18 months to implementations.

Metrolink's Tier Four locomotives will be built by GE and Caterpillar.

Expansion Plans:  Perris Valley from Riverside and San Bernardino to Redlands.

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