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Capitol Plaza Halls, 1025 Ninth St. Sacramento, CA



Text and Photos by Carl Morrison,

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The TRAC Conference was held at the Capitol Plaza Halls, 1025 Ninth St. Sacramento, CA, as it had been a few times in the past.  The same building also houses TRAC World Headquarters:  1025 Ninth Street #223, Sacramento, CA 95814-3516  (916) 557-1667


Conference Location

I had breakfast here in the past before the Sunday Excursion, but found it closed this year.

The facility can be rented for other occasions as well.


Rich McLaughlin, (right) Vice President for TRAC, welcomed the attendees.  He  was surprised at the light attendance (52) and the fact that some board members were not in attendance.

Continental breakfast was served in an adjacent room.

Rich introduced the first speaker, Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Council.

Councilman Cohn welcomed us and mentioned that the Sacramento SP railroad shops have been cleaned of toxic materials and repainted (not restored).

Two buildings will be for the California State Railroad Museum.  There will also be a market like the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Mr. Cohn mentioned riding China's 140 mph train which is not called High Speed Rail.  They expect to have 200 mph trains next year.  China has English lettering in their train stations.

England, Spain, and France have High Speed Rail.

Lunch Photos

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