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Date November 2, 2006

TO:  TRAC Members & Guests


From:  Jonathan Hutchison


Departmen:  t Government Affairs - Oakland


Subject:  Amtrak Update


This memo provides a brief summary of key Amtrak issues, along with infonnation tailored to the trains serving California.


Amtrak's FY07 Appropriation:


Amtrak receives its operating and capital funding via an annual appropriation. To date, the House of Representatives has approved Amtrak's FY07 funding level to be $1.114 billion; the Senate approved $1.4 billion for Amtrak in July. Amtrak's FY07 appropriation will be decided when Congress returns following the November elections. In the interim, Amtrak's funding is being provided via a Continuing Resolution approved at $1.114 billion. As infonnation, for FY07, Amtrak requested $ 1.598 billion and the Administration proposed $900 million.


Amtrak Reauthorization:


The Senate did not debate Senator Lot!'s Amtrak Reauthorization bill (S.1516) before it adjourned on September 29'" and it's unlikely it will be addressed when the Senate returns following the November elections. At this point, the legislation's future is unknown.


Ridership & Revenue:


Amtrak's Fiscal Year (FY06) ended on September 30'h, and marked the fourth consecutive year of record system ridership and revenue. Following is information pertaining to the entire system, as well as, routes serving California:


Amtrak Sept. 06 System Ridership: 1,938,601 (-3.0% vs. 9/05)


Amtrak Sept. 06 System Revenue: $112,761,356 (+7.4% vs. 9/05)


FY06 System Ridership: 24,306,965 (+Ll% vs. FY05)


FY06 System Revenue $1,371,271,855 (+10.7% vs. FY05)


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