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High Speed Rail - Rod Diridon, Sr. and Bruce Armistead

RailPAC Annual Meeting, NARP Member Meeting


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High Speed Rail

Ron Diridon, Sr., Chairman Emeritus, California High Speed Rail Authority

Bruce Armistead - Parsons Brinckerhoff, Los Angeles

IMG_4022.jpgMr. Diridon said the California HSR would be the first and longest HSR to be constructed in America.  He mentioned that a one-year delay in construction would cost $200 million a month, or $2 billion a year lost if inflation is calculated at 5%.

We must have feeder distribution systems for HSR.

He referred to a meeting he had attended with President Obama, V.P. Biden, and Sec. of Transportation in which President Obama said, "The French have HSR with no fatalaties,  Spain has HSR, Japan has had HSR since 1964 and we don't!  We're going to have one!"

Mr. D. said the California Governor is planning a HSR ground breaking next year.  (Location not mentioned)

We have 43,000 highway deaths a year in the US, HSR in France and Spain killed zero.

He spoke to the following slides:

Mr. Diridon's photo from the RailPAC Press Release.
IMG_4025.jpg IMG_4026.jpg

IMG_4031.jpg IMG_4032.jpg







Bruce Armistead spoke as well.  Mr. Armistead said that there will be no grade crossings on the California HSR system and there will be double-tracked stations so passing traffic does not have to wait.  10.8 million passengers are projected to use HSR out of Los Angeles, 4.3 in Anaheim.

LA - Anaheim will be the first segment built, because they are the farthest in environmental study.  Mr. Dividon said they chose to pay for their own study, putting them ahead in the timetable.

Merced - Bakersfield will be a High Speed Test Track.  HSR will go east to Ontario Airport.  It will follow I-215 to Murrieta and San Diego.

Fares, one-way, to ge $55 (1/2 the price of a plane) San Diego to San Francisco.  Fresno - San Jose fare to be $22.  The system will have a new positive cash flow.

Mr. Armistead held up a telephone-sized book and said, "It is all on our website at:"

Acaela averages 82 mph. 

Some of his slides, then links to the HSR site.



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An interactive CA HSR Map:

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