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Copper Canyon Express from Bahuichivo to Los Mochis, Mexico

Mexico's Copper Canyon

A 'Soft Adventure' trip to the rim of Copper Canyon by Train.

Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad

Copper Canyon Express from Bahuichivo to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

Photos by Carl Morrison

We left Bahuichivo for our final ride on the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad back to Los Mochis at sea-level.  We had seen many of the 408 miles of railroad tracks, 86 tunnels, and 37 bridges on our Copper Canyon Express train trip.

 We railfans were delighted when we slowed for a work train.


Some bridges lead directly into tunnels and other tunnels were very short in this vertical strata (above).

Even though it was raining, we saw the the three levels of tracks, bridges, and tunnels at Temoris again, enjoying it as much as if it were our first view.


The weather cleared as we descended, still going through many tunnels.


Late afternoon light provided us long shadows defining the structure of the highest bridge with our train on top.  Finally another beautiful sunset developed during our final dinner in the diner.


Don and I returned home over the Sea of Cortez, safe, sound, refreshed and educated about Copper Canyon Mexico, the Chihuahua Pacific Railroad, and the Tarahumara Indians of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

We cannot argue with The Reader's Digest's reference to this as being "the most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere."  We both felt the most inspiring  moment was watching the light change over the Copper Canyons as the sun moved westward at dusk.  We were unable to move from our room's balcony until after we saw the full moon and many stars in the heavens and heard Indian children's laughter in the dark canyons below with only the light of cooking fires to reveal their location

A truly inspiring trip to find the gold of the Sierra Madres.

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