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Mexico's Copper Canyon by Rail

Mexico's Copper Canyon

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A 'Soft Adventure' trip to the rim of Copper Canyon by Train.

Photos by Carl Morrison

S & S Tours , Sue Stilwell, Owner, advertises this rail adventure in her brochure titled, Learning Adventures in Mexico, Costa Rica and South America, as:

Mexico's Copper Canyon by Rail  lead by Sue Stilwell since 1986.  The Copper Canyon system is larger, deeper, and greener than Arizona's Grand Canyon.  Imagine yourself on a train winding its way from the Pacific Ocean into the heart of the majestic, rugged western Sierra Madre Mountain Range at 8000 ft. over a period of 90 years, this world-famous railroad has been called by The Reader's Digest  'the most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere.'  

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There are seven Chapters to this Web Story about

Mexico's Copper Canyon by Rail:

  1. Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico where we arrived by plane from Los Angeles, California. (3909-3976)
  2. El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico  where we spent a night before our first 'Chepe' train ride. (3983 - 4096)
  3. Copper Canyon Express El Fuerte to Posada Barranca where we boarded the Copper Canyon Express to Copper Canyon. (4104-4332)
  4. Copper Canyon and Hotel Mirador  where we enjoyed panoramic views of the Copper Canyon system. (4348-4607)
  5. Copper Canyon Express Posada to Bahuichivo  our second ride back west on the 'Chepe.' (4608-4643)
  6. Cerocahui, Chihuahua, Mexico  where we visited a Tarahumara Indian girls boarding school and peered into the Urique Canyon, one of the deepest canyons. (464 -4827)
  7. Copper Canyon Express to  Los Mochis  our third and final trip on the Chepe, back west to our arrival/departure city of Los Mochis. (4851-4988)

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