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Trainmaster's Reception

 California State Railroad Museum

Trainmaster's Reception, November 6, 2010

With Railroad Photographer, David Plowden.

Text and Photos by Carl Morrison,

Trainmaster's Reception 6 p.m.

The reception started at 6 p.m. with music, wine, and participant photos.  David Plowden signed purchased copies of his, "Requiem for Steam."  Prime Rib or Salmon buffet dinner was served about 7 p.m.  The Music continued through dinner.  Between dinner and dessert, speakers gave the Trainmasters an update of the Museum over the past year and some future expectations.

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The first thing I noticed upon entering the Museum was the music from Music First presents The Modern Jazz Duo.  Lynn Sampson, Trumpet.  With Music for your pleasure! with Mike Mirko 209-410-1348 on keyboard.
We were offered red or white wine.
This activity took place near the cab of the Cab-Forward.

David's books were sold and he autographed them
David's photos were displayed behind No. 13, I had to ask after going through the Museum in the afternoon, where the exhibit was.  You can see some of it in left part of the photo above.
Many Silent Auction items were available for bid as well.
Hors d'oeuvres were passed among the guests.

Jeff Allen, Action, took photos of all guests.  He mails the photos after the reception.
I recognized John Gruber of the Center for Railroad Photography and Art who brought David Plowden out from Illinois.
David's wife worked tirelessly preparing inscriptions for David to write into books.
C David spoke to the Trainmasters between the reception and dinner.

David said that he started photographing locomotives at age 11, never thinking he'd be showing his photos in such a great Railroad Museum as this.  David said he was Minor White's student during the 11th hour of Steam Engines in the 1960s.    Minor told David, "Go  do your damed steam engines and get them out of your system," ... he never did get them out of his system.  He feels like a 2 a.m. disk jockey not knowing if anyone is listening except for a few call ins.  "I can see from my 3 days here that many of you are enjoying my photography."

I peeked into the roundhouse earlier and counted 15 tables of 10 chairs each for an expected group of 150.

The table decorations were excellent ... someone's antique camera collection with film packs, rose petals, and black and white photos of David's photos in the show.

Brian Wilson, left, and his dad, Center, worked on the SP 2467 restoration.  We sat next to the 2467 for dinner and the program.

After dinner, Brian climbed into the cab and I shot a couple of photos of him in the driver's seat.
I think the ghost image of the waitress makes it look like No. 2467 is steamed up and ready to go!
Brian is a CalTrans bridge operator.  He was an Amtrak Engineer for about 9 years.
Brian enjoyed the Pinot Noir with dinner.

I enjoyed the Santa Barbara County Chardonnay with dinner.
Soon it was time for another decision:  prime rib, or salmon, or both!
I had a little salmon and a lot of prime rib.
This fellow did some nice left handed carving.

This young server had a great smile.
No one complained about the food!  Excellent Caterer.

And the band played on.
Night in the Museum
Paul gave an update and introduced other speakers.

Notes:  Inland American owns the SP Railroad Shops and an announcement is expected within weeks about the Plans for the Shops by the Museum including Boiler Shops and the Tech. Display whil are next on the list.

Sierra No. 3 received the Governor's Preservation Award.

Old Sacramento Historical Park received a grant with the California State Railroad Museum which will decide the future of the 17 mile right of way.

There are now 11,000 Museum Members.

After dinner, some time with the 'gentle beasts' of the RR Museum.

After dinner, some quiet time with the 'gentle beasts' of the RR Museum and Old Town Sacramento on the walk back to the Vagabond Inn.

I walked back to the Vagabond Inn, worked on my photos and story, and hit the hay.  The Coast Starlight leaves at 6:45 Sunday morning, so I needed some sleep before the trip home.

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