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 California State Railroad Museum

Trainmaster's Reception, November 6, 2010

With Railroad Photographer, David Plowden.

Text and Photos by Carl Morrison,


David Plowden's quote about his photography:  It seems I have made a career of being one step ahead of the wrecking ball. I have been beset with a sense of urgency to record those parts of our heritage which seem to be receding as quickly as the view from the rear of a speeding train. I fear that we are eradicating the evidence of our past accomplishments so quickly that in time we may well lose the sense of who we are.

Above quote from:

David Plowden's Website:

David Plowden - Slide show of 50 images from Requiem for Steam Photographs:

David Plowden - Frequently Asked Questions:

Look at the details in the railroad rails and ties! in this Plowden photo:

Other non-steam photos by Plowden, Part 1:

Part 2, "Although I haven't photographed a locomotive since 1963, I have never gotten the railroads out of my system."

My own 'Steam in Winter' photos from Ely, Nevada:

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