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Amtrak Safety Event Fullerton 2022

Amtrak Safety Event - Fullerton, California, September 24, 2022

Photos and Report by Carl Morrison,

The main attraction - Santa Fe Locomotive No. 3751

The big attraction for me was to go through all the Fullerton Train Museum's rolling stock
even though I see the museum every time I visit the Fullerton Station and Santa Fe Cafe.

The first car in the walk-through is surely a walk through time.  Perfectly restored 50s lounge car with bar.

1951 Santa Fe 85 foot Streamlined Sleeping Car


IMG_5150.jpg      IMG_5152.jpg

IMG_5156.jpg       IMG_5157.jpg

1949 Union Pacific Dormitory-Lounge

IMG_5159.jpg         IMG_5158.jpg

IMG_5160.jpg     IMG_5161.jpg

IMG_5162.jpg     IMG_5164.jpg

IMG_5167.jpg      IMG_5163.jpg

IMG_5166.jpg       IMG_5168.jpg


1951 Santa Fe 85 foot Streamlined Sleeping Car


IMG_5172.jpg       IMG_5174.jpg

View from the last caboose on the walk-through.

Two luggage carts with high beds for moving luggage to a baggage car with its bed at the same level.

IMG_5181.jpg     IMG_5182.jpg
Left, while standing in front of 3751, a freight passed on the main line making a "Two Generations" image.
Right,  Volunteer is an excellent size-indicator next to the 3751's 80-inch drivers.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 3751 is a class 3751 4-8-4 steam locomotive built in 1927 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (ATSF). 3751 was the first 4-8-4 steam locomotive built for the Santa Fe and was referenced in documentation as type: "Heavy Mountain", "New Mountain", or "Mountain 4-wheel trailer". No. 3751 served in passenger duties until being retired in 1953.

The locomotive was then placed on display in San Bernardino until it was restored to operating condition in 1991. It is currently located in the Central City East neighborhood of Los Angeles and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2000. It holds the distinction of being the oldest surviving 4-8-4 type steam locomotive in the world.

The locomotive is currently owned and operated by the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society, which uses the locomotive to haul occasional mainline excursion trains. However, a federally mandated 15-year inspection put it out of service for three to four years. No. 3751's overhaul was completed in September 2022.
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IMG_5184.jpg     IMG_5183.jpg

IMG_5185.jpg    IMG_5185-2.jpg

Upper level of he Superliner car originally used as Long-Distance coach.

IMG_5186.jpg      IMG_5186-2.jpg

Upper level of the Pacific Surfliner car.

IMG_5189.jpg     IMG_5190.jpg
Food trucks available for the visitors.

Items from Amtrak Booth

Pacific Surfliner Stations


Nice day and I enjoyed the uncrowded time, about 2 to 2:30, in the museum cars.

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