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Erik Edgren–Taylorcraft

"Trains to Planes 2010"

September 11 and 12, 2010

Text and Photography by Carl Morrison (  Photo Contributions by Bob Williams, and Bob Cox.

Erik Edgren–Taylorcraft

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Erik had a comedy act where, before the show, he walked around the crowd with a straw hat and a martini glass, looking very out of place for an air show.  He eventually made it out to the announcer and said that he had seen Jimmy Buffet in California and Jimmy had told him to come to Missouri for the Air Show and he'd give him a ride in an airplane.  The announcer asked a pilot to take him to an adjoining town's airport and leave him so we could go on with the show.  As they walked to the plane, Erik lay down under the plane and wiggled the tail rudder.  The pilot and Erik got into the plane and taxied out.  The announcer said he saw a spring handing down from under the rear of the plane as they left the announcer's stand.  The pilot got out, once they were on the runway, to check the dangling spring and Erik takes off in the plane, very eradically, leaving the girl pilot standing on the runway.  Then he takes off and the announcer plays along for a while, then announces who Erik really is and announces the many stunts that Erik did for his show.

Erik, right.

Bob Cox, left, and Bob Williams are front-row ready for the airshow, next to the Dave Dacy Airshows company car.

Erik, in costume, next to his plane.

Right, the girl pilot walks him to the plane to "take him to a nearby airport and leave him there."

Erik 'stealing the plane' and leaving the girl pilot.

One of Erik's serious moves.

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