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MARCH 27TH, 1907

The President presented an AGREEMENT, in duplicate, between this company and the ANN ARBOR RAILROAD COMPANY, providing for the USE by that company of the PASSENGER STATION AND APPURTENANCES AT TOLEDO, that company to bear its share of the maintenance and operating expenses, and of six per cent of the valuation of the property ($304,494.84), apportioned in accordance with the number of trains using the station; this company to sell the tickets and handle the baggage of the Ann Arbor company; also for the use of this company's tracks from Alexis to the Toledo passenger station at a charge of 50 cent per train mile trackage, that company to pay the cost of necessary additions to interlocking at Alexis, and to bear its proportion of maintenance and operation of such interlocking plant; and specifying in detail the various charges to be made for use of terminal appurtenances, labor performed, etc., and the manner in which bills should be rendered.

Such agreement is to run for a period of ten years from the 20th of January, 1907.

After consideration, the, the President was, on motion, authorized to execute such agreement, under the seal of the company.

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