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Cars shipped by Electic Auto Lite to American Motors - Kenosha, Wis 10-17-1960 to 12-9-1960 (new 9/12/2007)

Hamburg Junction Wreck 1893 (new 5/18/2009) by Fred Vark
Hamburg Junction Wreck 1893 court case from accident (read both)

Ann Arbor Railroad Shippers Directory issued Jan. 11, 1944 (new 11/24/2007)

Mesick Train wreck 1907 court case

Train Order to move Cadillac & Lake City #2 3-14-1968 (new 10/12/2009)

Accidents Reported 1920s (new 2/10/2007)

Ann Arbor Railroad Customer- New Haven Coal Mine (new 3-26-2010, updated 11/29/2010)

Accidents Reported 1940s (new 2/12/2007)


Ann Arbor Railroad Accidents in ICC File (new 12/21/2017)