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The Glass City Limited 1998
In Gang Mills, just west of Corning, is a small switching yard and engine service facility. For the railfan, this provided some great views of various pieces of Conrail power as well as some track maintenance equipment.

Here is a view from inside an Amfleet Coach (reason for the slanted angle) of the Gang Mills Engine Facility, here, we see GP40-2 #3375 parked on the servicing track.
   In the above picture, we see another view of the Gang Mills Engine Facility, this time looking east. This facility is located on the west end of Gang Mills Yard, and is used for periodic maintenance and servicing of locomotives used on local as well as road freights in that area. On the day of this trip, there were GP40-2’s, GP38-2’s, B36-7’s, as well as SD40-2’s in for servicing.

   After leaving Gang Mills Yard, our train pulled on to the Y-Track that allowed us to back into Downtown Corning on the Corning Industrial Track (formerly the Corning Secondary). Our train parked right next to the Corning Glass World Headquarters, and stayed there for the duration of the stopover. It was a very different and unusual site for the citizens of Corning to see an Amtrak Train in their city, since Amtrak doesn’t run any regular service into Corning.
While in Corning, there was a Jazz Festival, as well as many great little shops along Market Street, a free shuttle service was also provided for the passengers during the stopover. It was quite warm that day, with passengers seeking the Air-Conditioned comfort of being inside for the tour of the Corning Glass Works and the Rockwell Museum, both of which were free for passengers as part of the price of their train tickets.
   If your planning a day-long trip somewhere, Corning is a great place to go, if you want to visit the Glass Works, or just shop around on Market Street, it makes a great day-long getaway that I would recommend to anybody. Sometimes you may see some freight action on the Corning Industrial Track, which services the Corning Glass factory which was just behind where our train was parked. For some more great pictures in Corning, CLICK HERE...