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The Glass City Limited 1998
   With our train’s nose sneaking through the front entrance to the Corning Glass Works, we see some of our passengers admiring the area where our train parked just after arriving in Corning. Hiding behind our train is the Corning Glass Works World Headquarters which as you can see in the above photo, has been beautifully landscaped and is quite a tourist attraction.

   Here is an overhead view of the area where our train was parked in Corning. Located behind the train in the upper left hand corner of the photo is the Corning Glass Works and World Headquarters, the whole building is covered with Glass, appropriately!!! The building next to the train, on the right, is a parking ramp for Corning Employees. Interestingly enough, the area behind the parking ramp has the tracks running through a perfectly landscaped lawn, all you see is the 2 rails, no ballast, no ties, that's all underground.

   On the end of our train, the “Dagny Taggart” a private touring car owned by the West Texas And Buffalo Steamship And Railway Company ran with us on the trip, this is one beautiful car to see, and it really looked cool on the end of our train.
   In conclusion, this trip was truly a great experience, passengers and crew alike truly enjoyed everything about this trip. It is a trip that I, personally would recommend to anybody, and if you were fortunate to have been a passenger this year, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, This was one truly great train run. There’s a lot of history in the old Erie Mainline we traveled on, which is now part of Norfolk Southern as part of the buyout of Conrail. So until next year, the Western NY Railway Historical Society thanks everyone for riding the Glass City Limited.