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A Brief Visit To Emeryville, CA
Fall Amtrak Vacation 2007:
A Brief Visit To Emeryville, California
Wednesday-Thursday, October 3rd-4th, 2007
Looking out at the view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge from my 4 Points By Sheraton
Hotel in Emeryville, CA on October 3rd, 2007.
Wednesday Night, October 3rd, 2007:
   I had a fully prepaid reservation at this hotel, and this would be my first time staying at such a hotel. Considering I paid approximately $173.00 for the room, I really hoped it would be nice! I checked into the hotel. The room had a king-sized bed and a nice view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge (at least it did when the lights at the Circuit City in front of it were off!). After dropping off my luggage, I walked over to a nearby Burger King for dinner. I had an interesting conversation with a couple security guards who were eating there as well. As I said before, I've never stayed at this chain hotel before so it had some things I wasn't used to. First off, there were 2 bottles of bottled water in the room with tags on them saying "Enjoy a refreshing bottle of water for $2.50". I’ve never seen something like this before and since there was a "76" gas station across the street from the hotel, I opted to pick up a bigger bottle of water for less money along with some Diet Pepsi and V8 Fusion Juice there. I also had a Tom Collins drink at the bar in the hotel. If you opened the door on the balcony, it shut off the air conditioner in the room, talk about being environmentally friendly! The hotel also had "designer" shampoo and stuff. There was high-speed internet in the room and overall the room was very clean and neat. I would stay here again if I had more time to spend in town. I would end up getting maybe 6 1/2 hours of sleep here as I had to be up early for a fair amount of transportation to get myself to San Francisco International Airport, and so ends today…
I decided to test out the camera with some night photography, thus here's a time exposure of the intersection
of Christie Avenue and Powell Street in Emeryville, CA.
Thursday Morning, October 4th, 2007:
   I woke up, and packed up my stuff and checked out of the hotel before 7am. I walked 1 block to the "Emery-Go-Round" bus stop where I would catch the bus to the MacArthur BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Station. The bus ride was free, went quick and there was some good smooth jazz music playing. The driver said it was a local radio station. I remember hearing some rendition of the song "Rise" by Herb Alpert though it may have been a remake. I arrived at the BART station and was given information on how to ride this system. The cost was $5.50 for me to ride to San Francisco International Airport. I picked up a BART train from MacArthur Station to the Balboa Park station where I would transfer to another BART train to the Airport station.
The BART Train I boarded at the MacArthur Station. I would take this train to Balboa Park Station and connect with another one to the San Francisco International Airport.