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A Visit To Chicago's Museum Of Science & Industry
  After storing my luggage at Union Station, I proceeded out to Canal Street where I would walk over to the corner of Jackson and Franklin Streets to catch the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) bus #X28 which would take me to 56th Street and South Hyde Park Avenue which is right near the museum. After boarding the bus, I pulled out my iPod and listened to some music from the band Chicago as well as some other stuff. The bus ride was about a 1/2 hour long and the fare was $2.25. Upon arrival at the museum, I called my Dad back in New York and told him about this place. The entire museum grounds are longer than a football field! I would come to find out, you might need to spend more than one day here if you want to experience everything this incredible museum has to offer. You can tour the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad's famous Pioneer Zephyr train! There is also an enormous HO Scale model train layout situated behind the famous New York Central 4-4-0 Steamer #999 which set a land speed record in 1893 of 112.5mph near Buffalo! This was my big reason for coming here, to see this locomotive since I'm from Western New York! Situated "above" that steamer is a United Airlines Boeing 727-100 jet that you can tour. I had a nice chat with a United Airlines pilot who happened to fly that very plane when it was in service with United! There is so much to see here that as I said before, you might need more than one day. Below are some of the highlights from this amazing museum! Enjoy!!!