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The CB&Q's Pioneer Zephyr
LEFT: A wide view of the front of the Pioneer Zephyr's engine. RIGHT: A close-up view.
Amazing how that stainless steel shines up like that!!!
This model of the Zephyr explained its historic background and the different parts of the train and their purpose.
It lists the Pioneer Zephyr as "The Little Train That Could - And Did!"
This car housed the baggage area along with a Buffet/Grill that served simple
meals/beverages along with a smoking section.
The main passenger compartment is found in this car which features a round-end.
The observation end of the last car.
The inside of the Railway Post Office (RPO) on the train. There was actually a video playing on the screen
in the background of this image but the camera flash washed out the image.
The prime mover inside the engine room on the Pioneer Zephyr!