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A Visit To Cedar Point - Are You Afraid Of The Dark???
The HalloWeekends Hearse looks mighty creepy at night!!!
As seen from Cedar Point's amazing sandy beach, you can see
Wicked Twister, Giant Wheel, The Space Spiral, and Disaster Transport.
LEFT: A closer view of Wicked Twister. RIGHT: Wicked Twister and the Giant Wheel.
Note the blur on the track of Twister, it's the coaster train!
Millennium Force looks incredible at night!
In 2009, CP celebrated 15 seasons of Raptor! This coaster is even more fun to ride at night!
Once again, the blur is the coaster train, a really neat effect you get with a time exposure!
Another view of Raptor! The above 2 views were taken along the main midway of the park!
The Giant Wheel at night! This thing looks amazing all lit up! The spinning lights at the right of this photo
are from the spinning ride "Troika"!
  2009 would mark my 18th straight year visiting CP! The park was once again voted "Best Amusement Park In The World" again this year and there's no doubt that CP has truly earned this distinction! I know that I start basically every "big" Amtrak trip by going here every year but I absolutely can't get enough of this place! You can visit Cedar Point's official web site at After two days of visiting the park, I was basically spent! I did so much walking! The next stop on this trip will be the first of two "road trips". I would head over to Cleveland to visit "The House That Rock Built", aka, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame! So let's hop in my 2009 Dodge Caliber rental car and take a "Sunday Drive" to the Cleveland Lakefront! If you love rock & roll, then this is the place for you! Enjoy!!!