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A Visit To Cedar Point - More Great Ride Photos!
Millennium Force, CP's 310ft tall, 93mph monster of a coaster!!!
The Giant Wheel with Wicked Twister behind it.
Wicked Twister, a double-impulse coaster, built in 2002!
Coming in 2010, is Shoot The Rapids, a huge water flume ride in Frontiertown!
LEFT: Top Thrill Dragster, CP's tallest coaster at 420ft. You will go REALLY FAST on this ride! 0-120mph in 4 seconds, it don't get any faster than that!!! RIGHT: Demon Drop, a freefall ride located at the front of the park, operated its 27th and final season at Cedar Point in 2009. This ride will be heading to Dorney Park (a sister-park to CP) in Allentown, PA in 2010.
  Cedar Point is home to rides for everyone, whether you like big coasters (like me), or just big thrill rides, or a simple merry-go-round, you will never be disappointed. One of the great things about HalloWeekends is that on Friday and Saturday nights, the park is open until Midnight! Coasters are so much more fun to ride at night! Combine this fact (ok I think it's a fact) with my incredible love for night photography and well, click below and see what you get!