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A Visit To Cedar Point - Hungry? CP's Got You Covered!!!
Donut Time, where you can get fresh doughnuts and baked goods and Starbuck's Coffee!!!
Toft's Ice Cream is part of a local dairy in the Sandusky area and the ice cream is delicious!!!
Great classic American food at Johnny Rockets!
This is one of two Subway locations in the park, this one on the main midway, the other is in Soak City.
If you like Chinese food, you have to check out Panda Express!!!
The Orange Chicken and Mandarin Chicken are delicious!!!
You will never have a better chicken sandwich anywhere in the world than you will at Chick Fil-A!!!
If you like ribs, check out Famous Dave's, located just outside the park by the Cedar Point Marina!
Great food with a 50's theme at Coaster's Drive-In Restaurant!
   What I've shown you here only scratches the surface! There are lots of restaurants located throughout the park that serve everything from hot cheese on a stick to chicken fingers, to hot pretzels, to funnel cakes. Whatever you like, you will find it at the park! Located inside the Hotel Breakers is T.G.I. Friday's along with Tomo Hibachi if you like sushi! Now that I've made you either very hungry or made you feel full, it's time to get back to the rides, check out the below link!