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A Visit To Cedar Point - 20 Years Of The Magnum XL-200
The storage area for 2 of Magnum's 3 trains near the loading platform.
This is the special 20th Anniversary logo that was added to the back of each of the trains for this year.
LEFT: The 20th Anniversary logo on one of the loading platform's posts. RIGHT: The famous 205ft lift hill.
Looking out from the loading platform just as you would leave it to start the ride.
Looking up from the bottom of the lift hill.
Magum's "pretzel" which routes you to go back to the beginning of the ride, thus this is an "out and back" coaster!
LEFT: In this view from Challenge Park, you see one of Magnum's trains going up the lift hill. Ironically, Top Thrill Dragster (the yellow coaster structure in the middle-right of the photo) is more than twice Magnum's height but this photo would lead you to believe otherwise!!! RIGHT: An example of what a 75-300mm zoom lens will provide you with!!! That's looking at the top of the lift hill!!!
Another view of the lift hill from inside the park near the Challenge Park gate.
Looking up 205ft from the Soak City (CP's water park) parking lot. I've rode this coaster enough over
the years to tell you the view from the top of that lift hill is nothing short of incredible!!!
LEFT: Magnum's second hill which tops 157ft! RIGHT: Another view of the top!
Over near Soak City, here's a view of Magnum going over one of the great airtime producing bunny hills!
Going around a banked curve near the lake!
Another great airtime producing bunny hill on this awesome ride!!!
Coming down the 3rd big hill on Magnum (80ft tall!) the train enters the first of 2 tunnels on the ride!
A view of the "pretzel" as seen from the Sandcastle Suites Hotel tennis courts.
What would you rather do? Play tennis or ride this world class thriller? I figured!
Here is a view from inside Soak City!
Looking at the lift hill from the Soak City Parking Lot.
LEFT: A view of the second hill by Soak City. RIGHT: A downhill view of the second hill from inside Soak City.
In this 2007 view from the Soak City lot, I don't think I could have gotten a better cloud backdrop if I tried!!!
From inside Soak City, here is a view of the beautiful setting sun behind Magnum!
  If you ever get a chance to visit Cedar Point, be sure to ride this amazing coaster! This ride has been giving incredible memories to coaster buffs and CP visitors for 20 years now and I swear every ride I take is still just as fun and exciting as the first time I rode this coaster during my first trip to CP back in July 1992! Well, experiencing this incredible ride as well as CP's 16 other incredible coasters can make even the most die-hard coaster buff hungry. Not to worry, CP totally has you covered! Check out some of the great food options at CP! Click below and eat!!!