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A Visit To Cedar Point - HalloWeekends 13 In-Park Theming Photos
The HalloWeekends 13 Hearse!!!
One thing you will see plenty of on the midway and throughout the park are lots and lots of tombstones & skeletons!
A dedication to rides from the past! Even rides get tombstones when their time has "expired"!
Happy Jack's Toy Factory, a new haunted house located in the building that houses the Disaster Transport coaster.
This place will scare you and make you laugh!!!
G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate, a new haunted house for this year.
M. Balming & Associates, sheesh, all these companies trying to "drum up business"!
Some park guests on vacation on the Frontier Trail!
The U.R. Dade School Of Mortuary Science, also known as "Undertaker U."
I see they offer work study programs to let you "urn while you learn"!
C.O. Fin Used Casket Emporium, they're having a scratch & dent sale!!!
Do I wanna hire that guy to put a new roof on the house???
That's what you get for negotiating that curve at too high a rate of speed!!!
CarnEVIL, ever visit a carnival that went bad? You gotta see this!
Nice ride!
Terror Island, built on Millennium Force Island, you will be scared, in a cool way!!!
Uh, who taught these guys how to paint???
Seems the dead can find work no matter how bad the economy is!!!
The Dead Rock Cemetery, featuring performances by "The Graveful Dead"!!!
  For 2009, Cedar Point would celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Magnum XL-200 Roller Coaster. This was the first coaster in the world to break the 200 foot height barrier and for several years would carry the distinction of being the tallest coaster in the world! The ride has a first hill measuring 205 feet and drops you 194 feet at a 60 degree angle reaching speeds of 72mph! Though this ride is no longer a world record holder it is still by far the most fun coaster I've ever rode! I am proud to say that I once worked on this ride when I worked at Cedar Point in 2001. This is without any doubt my absolute favorite roller coaster in the known universe and it always has been. On the next page you will see an extended photo essay of this incredible ride, click below to continue!!!