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Ride The Nevada Southern Railway As A Passenger
Looking out the NVSR's open-air car #501.
The Interior of NVSR Coach #604.
The interior of NVSR Coach #603.
Another passenger car in the process of being restored at the museum's maintenance facility.
An "open car" that the museum is building from a gondola car. Next to that is the museum's
1950 built Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 locomotive that was originally built for the U.S. Army.
The NVSR's Maintenance Facility building just west of the main station.
Looking south at the intersection of US 93 and 95 and Veterans Memorial Drive. West of here is
Henderson and Las Vegas. East of here will take you to Hoover Dam and Arizona.
Crossing over Veterans Memorial Drive.
The "Captain Michael L. Hyde" Nevada Veterans Nursing Home.
The Cascata (Italian word for Waterfall) Golf Course. Bring your clubs but bring some cash as green fees aren't cheap!
A new bike path crossing over Cascata Road.
There's a waterfall on the side of the mountain in this photo behind the golf course and don't let
this photo fool you, it's big!
The exit off US 93 that will connect you with the Cascata Golf Course and US 95.
The light brown patch of land is the dry Eldorado lake bed. US 95 curves to the left of the photo. I drove
that route to Needles, CA in 2007, it's a VERY LONG lonely desert road!
Riding next to the River Mountain Trail System near Railroad Pass.
Crossing the River Mountain Trail near Railroad Pass.
The Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino.
Having just past the actual "Railroad Pass" along with the casino of the same name, we come to the end of the line. US 93/95
cross over the tracks in the background of this image though the crossing is paved over the tracks. The train is then "pushed"
back to Boulder City from here...