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There's So Much To See At CP In 2011!!!
  Whether you're a coaster freak (like me) or would rather take it easy and enjoy a walk on the mile-long sandy beach on beautiful Lake Erie, CP is the place for you! I have been coming here now for 20 straight years and it just never gets old! There's so much to see and experience here, you will not want to leave! I spent a total of 3 days here on this trip this year in addition to visiting here back in May for Opening Day (I drove here for that trip). Included here are more great photos taken in 2011. Enjoy!!!
Ocean Motion at its new location in the front of the park near the main gate. This ride was originally scheduled to be removed
from the park as WindSeeker is now located where it used to be however CP decided to keep the ride and move it to its new
location. I'm glad its still here as it's a lot of fun ride!
Looking towards the front of the park, you can see the nice Hotel Breakers East Section in the foreground with its beautiful
view of Lake Erie along with WindSeeker, the double-impulse coaster Wicked Twister and the Giant Wheel among other
great rides. CP really does have something for everyone!!!
The double-track Gemini coaster features coaster trains that "race" each other along its steel track on a wood frame!
LEFT: The tower on Top Thrill Dragster. Its 420 feet to the top! RIGHT: Power Tower with Corkscrew in the foreground and the
top of Mantis' lift hill. Corkscrew was a record breaker in itself when it opened in 1976 being the first coaster in the world to
feature a total of 3 inversions!
LEFT: Ripcord, a Skycoaster Experience!!! RIGHT: Another view of this incredible ride. A separate charge is required to ride this but
it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! I decided to ride this for the first time this year and can honestly say after riding it, I am not afraid of
any amusement park ride, not just at Cedar Point, but ANY ride at ANY park!!!
As this sign says...Travel the scenic Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad!!! Over 2,000,000 proud passengers a year!
New in 2011 is Pink's Hot Dogs. For those of you viewing this site in Southern California, you may be familiar with this great
restaurant. CP's sister park, Knotts Berry Farm also has one of these restaurants which bill itself as "A Hollywood Legend
Since 1939". I ate here on Opening Day in May 2011 (which is when this photo was taken) and the food was excellent!!!
Iron Dragon, this great coaster opened in 1987 and features a coaster train that flies over a fog filled lagoon!
Some of the finest maintenance workers you'll find anywhere!!! I know I've used this joke in the past but it still applies here:
Even in this economy, the "dead" can still find work!!!