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Another Edition Of Everything Heating Up At CP After Sunset!!!
  Over the past couple years, I've greatly expanded the amount of night photography I do on my trips as I've found its a lot more challenging and fun! After taking and applying what I've learned over the past couple years doing night photography of Amtrak trains, I took those skills and put them to use in photographing thrill rides at night as the same principles apply to both subjects. Shown here are some night photos I took this year at CP! Have fun, and don't be too afraid of the dark, I'm not!!!
LEFT: WindSeeker as seen from the boardwalk along Lake Erie near the Hotel Breakers.
RIGHT: WindSeeker as seen from the beach with Wicked Twister next to it.
LEFT: A wide view from the beach of some great rides at CP at night! Note the 3 WindSeeker photos were "photoshopped"
for the artistic effect of showing the ride moving along with standing still in the same photo! RIGHT: Part of Mean Streak's
ride structure all lit up!
A night photo of Maverick! This coaster has lots of neat elements that are enhanced by the lack of daylight!
Mean Streak at night! If you think this coaster is fun during the day, you need to check it out at night!
  After spending 3 days at the park, I was beyond spent! The last time I was at CP for 3 days was 10 years ago when I worked there, so its a safe assumption I was extremely tired but it was totally worth it! I've said this in years past, but it is so true, Cedar Point is my second home! What started out as a family vacation destination when I was in high school turned into an annual event for me that as soon as one trip ends, I start planning out the next one! If you want to know more about the best amusement park in the known universe, check out the link below to the park's official site. Special thanks also goes to the Cedar Point Sales Promotions Department for photography assistance this year. And now, after 3 days at the park, its time to go railfanning! The original plan was to drive out to Toledo to see Amtrak then down to Deshler but bad weather in Northwest Ohio caused a last minute change of plans and I drove out to the Cleveland suburb of Berea, OH and got in some good railfanning there, eventually in the rain! Check it out!!!