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CP Celebrates Anniversaries Of Mean Streak & The Frontier Trail!!!
  Mean Streak opened at CP in 1991 and was built with 1.7 million board feet of southern yellow pine. It was the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world when it opened. Its 161ft tall first hill and top speed of 65mph makes it one serious mean coaster!!! Included here are photos taken of the coaster in 2011! Enjoy...
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad's Frontiertown Station is located next to the amazing ride structure of Mean Streak!
This is a good old fashioned wooden coaster! No other way to describe it!
A closer view going down one of several steep hills on Mean Streak!
This is another coaster that will cause you to never question the laws of physics again!
I think Sir Isaac Newton would be proud to ride this coaster!
  The Frontier Trail opened in 1971 and features a trip back to the old west as you meander through the heavily wooded walkway that features lots of great representations of buildings from that era. The trail features restaurants, shops, and other historic displays as you make your way to Frontiertown in the back of the park where you'll find great coasters like Mean Streak and Maverick! Included here are photos of what you'll see as you walk up this historic trail! Enjoy...
Great food, drinks and live entertainment at the Red Garter Saloon and you can get an old time photo next door!
Never before have I ever seen a pay phone in the middle of a cemetery! While the phone is a permanent part of the trail, the
tombstones are just part of the HalloWeekends theming that is all over the park in the fall.
More good eats on the Frontier Trail with sweet and salty kettle corn! Are you hungry yet???
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Engine #3 "Albert" now on static display in Frontiertown. This 2-6-0 narrow-gauge steamer
was built in 1910 by the Davenport Locomotive Works of Davenport, IA and was originally used to transport sugar cane. It
was one of the first two engines to be used on the CP&LE.
You walk through this tunnel to continue the walk up the trail and Millennium Force's track runs overhead with a coaster train
going over 60mph! Yep, high-speed rail over the trail!!!
Frontier Heart & Home! Lots of interesting stuff for sale! Those two big tanks with the gauges on them are part of the
"Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks" which is part of the HalloWeekends events!
Here we have E.J. Hammer's Blacksmith Shop!
You can even participate in gemstone mining on the trail!
"Fort Sandusky", among the many old west-themed sights on the trail!
An Aultman-Taylor 12 horsepower steam engine!
New in 2010 is "Shoot The Rapids", a western-themed flume ride located on the frontier trail. The signs that are numbered
correspond to water canons that for a quarter, you can set off when one of the boats goes past them to soak the riders
that much more on the ride! Its highly likely, you will not stay dry on this ride!
Another steam engine on display on the trail!
A red barn featuring the Ohio Bicentennial symbol.
I believe this was supposed to be a grist mill!
Welcome to Frontiertown! You end up here at the end of the trail. Make sure to ride Maverick and have lunch at Chick Fil-A!