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CP Celebrates Anniversaries Of Corkscrew And Mantis!!!
  When Corkscrew opened in 1976, it was the first coaster in the world to have 3 inversions. It's red white and blue paint scheme was inspired by the fact that its opening year was also our nation's 200th birthday! Though many coasters have been built since then with more inversions and higher heights and speeds, Corkscrew is still a fun ride with its tight turns and architecture that brings you right over the midway making this a truly exciting coaster to experience. Included here are some photos of this great twisting coaster!
Corkscrew's 85 foot tall first hill!
The part of the ride that gives this coaster its name "Corkscrew"!
LEFT: The first of Corkscrew's 3 inversions. RIGHT: During HalloWeekends, the
"Dead Rock Buffet" is set up underneath the ride's 2nd inversion.
Corkscrew in the foreground with Mantis in the background!
  Mantis opened in 1996 with a design that has you standing up through the entire duration of the ride! Featuring a 145 foot tall first hill, this coaster has 4 inversions and reaches top speeds of 60mph! It is still one of the tallest and fastest coasters of its kind in the world and like Corkscrew, is just plain fun to ride! Included here are photos taken of the big bug this year! Enjoy...
A wide view of Mantis' first hill and first drop.
One of Mantis' tight turns towards the end of the ride.
LEFT: Mantis heading into one of its 4 inversions. RIGHT: Coming down a steep drop!
LEFT: Mantis' first inversion, one huge loop! RIGHT: A view at the bottom of the first drop on Mantis!
Lots of great twists and turns on Mantis!
Another wide view of this incredible coaster!