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New At CP For 2011: WindSeeker!!!
  New for 2011 is WindSeeker. Located towards the front of the park on Lake Erie, the ride provides a view of the park and the lake that is like no other in the park. The ride structure is 301 feet tall and the ride runs nearly to the top spinning you at approximately 30mph while swinging out as far as a 45° angle. You really need to ride it during the day and at night because the view during the day is just plain incredible and at night, the ride has an unbelievable amount of lighting on it that makes the ride that much more interesting. No matter when you ride it, day or night, you'll still have a lot of fun as it's a very smooth ride with some of the best views in the park. Below are some photos taken of the ride this year. Be sure to look later on in the travelogue at some night photos of this ride as well, Enjoy...
LEFT: The 300ft tall WindSeeker in flight. RIGHT: Another view of this amazing ride in flight. The view from up there is awesome!!!
LEFT: To put things in perspective, Wicked Twister, the coaster behind the ride structure for WindSeeker is 215 feet tall and WindSeeker is 301 feet tall!!! RIGHT: The very cool sign next to the ride's entrance!