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Trainwatching Travelogue - Syracuse, New York - June 11th, 1999

Syracuse, New York - Friday, June 11th, 1999
Part 2: Trainwatching At The New Transit Center

Leading Train SECN is Canadian National SD40-2 #5374 on Track #1 at 11:23am.

Solid CSX Power with C40-8W #7723 leading can be seen on Train TV-99 at 11:45am on Track #2.
   Running 3 hours late, is Amtrak's Train #48, the Lake Shore Limited. This train usually has 2 P42DC's for power, but on occasion will have an F40 in its consist. This train had its usual consist, including 3 road railers on the end. During the trip that morning that I took on Train #286, Amtrak had several passengers get on the wrong train because they thought #286 was #48. Normally, this train comes into Buffalo less than an hour after sunrise during the summer months, making it very difficult to photograph, but today I got lucky, and it was late.

With a Helm Leasing Unit on the lead, HLGX #6822, an Ex-Norfolk Southern C36-7E leads Train TV-301 on Track #2 at 12:37pm. For a Helm Leasing roster, check out the Motive Power Review Web Site.

   Talk about a day full of surprises, this eastbound manifest went by at 12:39 on Track #1 with a Southern Pacific SD45T-2 Tunnel Motor #8384. Union Pacific as well as some Southern Pacific power has become a very common site on the Chicago Line as CSX has leased several Union Pacific units for the first few months after the Conrail Transaction.
   Arriving from New York, bound for Toronto is Amtrak Train #63, the Maple Leaf with F40PH #241 with its usual 4 coach 1 Amdinette consist at 12:59pm, about 14 minutes late. This train has something different from most Empire Service trains, in the Amdinette, there are only Coach Seats on either end of the car instead of Custom Class Seating on one end, the Bar in the middle and tables on the other end, I was told by someone from Amtrak that trains going to Canada are set up this way...

Seen here is Train SENS-0 on Track #2 heading west at 1:09pm with C40-8W #7745 on the lead.