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Chicago Union Station Photos

2002 Cross-Country Amtrak Trip:
Chicago Union Station Photos

February 21st, 2002

   The following photos were taken inside and on the platforms of Chicago Union Station during my 3 hour layover of my trip. I will warn you that if you plan on taking similar photos on the platforms on a future trip, GET PERMISSION from a crew member FIRST!!! I was given permission by a couple of Amtrak crew members at the station to do this. There will be days where this isn't possible. All of the photos shown here were taken as I was heading TO California. On my return trip, I was denied permission to take any photos on the platform, but was thanked for asking first. If you are denied permission, don't complain, just grin and bear it, its not the end of the world.

Two Views of the Great Hall of Chicago Union Station.

The Destination Board in the Great Hall tells when all trains arrive and depart as well as their status,
very similar to the way Airports report the status of a flight.

Amtrak Hiawatha Service Train #335 awaits its departure with a "Cabbage" F40PH Convert #90368
on this end of the train with P42DC #47 on the other end.

The other end of Train #335 shown above with P42DC #47 on this end.
The train had an all-Horizon Fleet Consist.

P42DC #124, The lead unit of Amtrak Train #7, The Empire Builder sits and awaits
the start of its long journey to Seattle.

A Metra Commuter Train sits and waits for its next assignment.

Another Hiawatha Service Train on the platform in Chicago.

On Track #14, another Amtrak Train awaiting departure.

An angled view of the same train above.

Another Metra Commuter Train (I said these would be dark!!!).