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Railfanning At Beacon, NY
 After visiting Orange County Choppers, I eventually took a drive over the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to nearby Beacon, NY to get in a little railfanning on the Hudson Line featuring Metro-North as well as Amtrak trains. I spent about an hour there (it was REALLY COLD out) and these are some photos I took during my absolutely frigid visit, enjoy...
A northbound Metro-North train departing Beacon heading for Poughkeepsie.
Amtrak Empire Service Train #284 with what looks like a P32AC-DM with a serious band-aid on the nose!
A northbound Metro-North train with P32AC-DM #207 on the lead arriving at Beacon.
Metro-North operates its trains on this line in "Push-Pull" mode.
The same train as above during its station stop in Beacon.
Amtrak Empire Service Train #256 flying through Beacon with P32AC-DM #703.
A southbound Metro-North train just departing Beacon.
Metro-North P32AC-DM #215 "pushes" the train south to New York's Grand Central Terminal! That's all folks!!!