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Railfanning At Amsterdam, NY
Amtrak Empire Service Train #284 arriving at Amsterdam with P32AC-DM #711 on the lead.
I love those original New York Central signal bridges! Amtrak, may all your signals be green!!!
The Mohawk River/Erie Canal as seen from the station. During the winter, the canal is closed and drained.
One of the new signs put up at the station with Stimulus funds.
The wheelchair lift shelter.
The first CSX train today was K645 with ES44DC #5333 on point.
Next up is Q161 with ES44DC #5470 on point.
Q119 comes through next with ES44AC #871 on the head end.
The hit parade continues with Q109 with ES44DC #5442 on the lead!
The last CSX train for today was Q377 with C40-8W #7311 as the leader. This is a former Conrail unit!
Amtrak Empire Service Train #281 now arriving in Schenectady with P42DC #138 on the lead.
Finally, today's version of the 20th Century Limited, Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited goes flying
through Amsterdam with P42DC #160 on the lead. This train doesn't stop in Amsterdam.