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Railfanning At Amsterdam, NY
The first train I saw once I arrived at Amsterdam was CSX train Q-159 with ES44DC #5213 on the head end.
Next up is CSX train K-409 with C40-8W #7377 on the head-end. This engine is in familiar territory as it's a former Conrail unit.
Now the first eastbound train, CSX Train Q-114 with ES44DC #5297 as the leader. The sun angle is at almost an all-time low
which results in the very big shadows. I was however just glad it was sunny, considering I've made this trip in years past in
everything from heavy snow to an ice storm!
The first of three Amtrak trains I would see was Train #63 - The Maple Leaf, with P42DC #83 on the head end.
This train would be heading for Toronto and once in Canada is operated by VIA Rail Canada.
CSX work train W-054 with SD40-2 #8840, another former Conrail unit passes through Amsterdam.
Next up is light power on CSX train X-751 with SD70MAC #4770 as the leader.
Mixing things up a little bit is CSX train K-010 with BNSF power, today's train being lead by ES44AC #6231.
The next Amtrak train I would see today would be Empire Service Train #286 which only runs on Saturdays (#284 runs the other 6 days)
this time with flagship P32AC-DM #700 as the leader. In 2013, this is one of a few engines without a "bolt-on" nose!
Next up is westbound CSX Train Q-019 with ES44DC #5228 on the head end.
Amtrak's station in Amsterdam, NY. The station building has since been repaired after being severely flooded after Hurricane Irene
back in 2011. This building and the surrounding grounds were underneath over 5 feet of water after that hurricane blew through,
which caused the station to be severely damaged however the interior was gutted and cleaned up and the waiting room is now
open again but the old ticket office (Amtrak stopped selling tickets here in 1995) is completely boarded up and not used.
Inside the Amsterdam Station, the schedule board came from the original New York Central station in Amsterdam which
was located east of here. The wall behind the Amtrak System map was put in when the building was fixed after flooding
from Hurricane Irene. The old ticket office is behind that wall and is now boarded up including the outside windows.
CSX train Q-003 is next up with ES44DC #5288 leading this westbound.
Next up, westbound autorack train Q-279 is lead by ES44DC #5287.
A rather dirty ES44AH #860 leads the next train, Q-161 through Amsterdam.
The third Amtrak train and final train for my railfanning session at Amsterdam is Amtrak Empire Service Train #281
with P32AC-DM #711 for power. This train is on its way to Niagara Falls.