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Railfanning At Cheviot Park In Germantown, NY
Located in Germantown, NY on the Hudson River is Cheviot Park, a great park to sit and relax, and a great place to railfan!
This is Cheviot Road which ends at the park. Notice the "High Speed Trains" sign on the crossing gate!
The first train I saw here today was New York-bound Empire Service Train #284 with P32AC-DM #711 on the head end.
Next up was Empire Service Train #283 with P32AC-DM #709 for power. This train was heading to Albany, and eventually Niagara Falls.
The mighty (though very calm today), Hudson River, this is looking north towards Albany.
Now after sunset, with almost no light left, we see a late-running Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited heading for New York.
Finally, riding on home rails, is former New York Central Observation Car "Hickory Creek" from the famous "20th Century Limited"
brings up the markers on Train #48. The white Nissan Altima in the center of this photo was my rental car on this trip! I hope you
enjoyed the photos from this trip. Until next time, Happy Railfanning!!!