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Christmas Shopping Trip 2008
Christmas Shopping Amtrak Trip 2008
This Year's Trip...In Pictures!!!
Coming into downtown Rochester, NY.
At the New York State Fairgrounds in suburban Syracuse, NY, this James E. Strates Shows passenger car sits in storage. James E. Strates Shows is the only carnival that travels by rail today. They also handle the Erie County Fair (County I grew up in) in Western New York every summer.
A couple of privately owned former Lackawanna Railroad E-Units at the New York State Fairgrounds.
This was the broken-down freight that caused us to have to make a backup move into the Syracuse station. This photo was taken from the dining car. Note the big pile of sand next to one of the wheels on the locomotive! Sand is normally used to build traction when there's a slipping of the wheels.
Amtrak's Buffalo Chicken Wings available in the dining car! They were hot, but mild!
Taken right after sunset, here is Train #48 having just arrived in Schenectady.
A Norfolk Southern Freight waiting for a signal on the former D&H (Now Canadian Pacific) line that NS operates on via trackage rights.
Just to give you some idea of what kind of ice I was talking about with this storm, this was taken in the parking lot of my hotel on Saturday morning. This is an oak tree whose leaves are encapsulated in the ice, amazing!!!
A pine tree near the hotel, also covered in ice!
Looking west down Watervliet-Shaker Rd (NY Rte. 155) in Latham, NY. As you can see, everything was ice covered!
By Monday, December 15th, the temps were back up in the 50's! Here's Train #63 - The Maple Leaf, running over
2 1/2 hours late arriving into Schenectady with P42 #74 on the lead. This train is going to Toronto.
Next up is Empire Service Train #284 coming in from Niagara Falls with banged up P32AC-DM #708 on the lead.
Train #63 on the left and Train #284 on the right, both sitting in Schenectady!
Next up was Train #69 - The Adirondack which arrived into Schenectady on its way to Montreal with P42 #53 on the lead.
And now here's Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited, and ironically, it has P42 #48 on the lead for power!
Here we have a meet of Train #48 on the left and Train #281 on the right coming into the station in Schenectady.
Train #281 would be my ride home this year.
Finally, Train #281 arriving in Schenectady...That's All Folks!