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Photos Taken While Riding Amtrak's Empire Service
This westbound CSX freight with an all-BNSF consist was parked on Track #1 at Buffalo-Depew Station when
I arrived so as to board Amtrak Train #284 to take me to Schenectady.
Amtrak Empire Service Train #284 now arriving at Buffalo-Depew Station with GE P32AC-DM #717
leading an all-Amfleet I consist.
Now taking a break at Rochester, NY.
An original New York Central "Rochester" Sign adorns each end of the platform canopy at this station
which is set to be rebuilt in the coming years.
Another view of the train at Rochester.
In the area near Center Port, NY, about 40 miles west of Syracuse is this area full of Blue Heron bird nests located in these trees.
Now taking a break at Syracuse, NY.
Amtrak shares space at this station complex with Greyhound & Trailways buses as well as
A CSX freight passes by us while stopped at Syracuse.
Now arriving at the next stop of Rome, NY.
At Rome, NY, passengers use an underground tunnel to access the platforms as the walkway you see here is fenced off.
Taking a break now at Utica Union Station. The station building is located on the opposite side of the tracks out of view here.
An old EMD FL-9 from the Metro North Railroad, now owned by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.
One of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad's coaches. Utica is the southern terminus for this railroad, making the station a Union Station.
New York Central 0-6-0 Steamer #6721 on display at Utica.
Time for lunch in the cafe car! I would have a Turkey Gouda Wrap and a Chicken Caesar Salad with a Diet Pepsi.
The Conductor on today's train recommended the wrap, and it, along with the salad were excellent!!!
A Revolutionary War Cemetery.
Some very interesting looking houses in Yosts, NY!
This house, also in Yosts, looks like it was constructed out of scrap building materials, an interesting find indeed!!!
The Amtrak Station in Amsterdam, NY, under renovation at the time of this trip to make it ADA Compliant.
Taking a quick break at Amsterdam. Our train has the clear signal at the 177 Automatic Block Signal seen next to the train.
Now departing Schenectady, NY on time. We arrived here early and this would be my stop for this train.