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Photos Taken In The Capital Region In 2013
Shortly after arriving in Schenectady on Friday, Amtrak Empire Service Train #281 arrived at Schenectady
with GE P32AC-DM #712 with a new "bolt-on nose" on the front of the locomotive.
On Saturday, December 7th, the first train I photographed that day would be Amtrak's Train #63 - The Maple Leaf
with GE P42DC #171 leading a mix of Amfleet I and Amfleet II cars on this Toronto-bound train.
Train #63 couldn't leave Schenectady until after Empire Service Train #281 moved into the siding at the station.
West of this station, the mainline drops to single track, requiring Train #63 to wait for #280 to clear.
At Amsterdam, NY, Empire Service Train #286 with GE P32AC-DM #715 leading, rounds the bend just before the Amsterdam stop.
Now on Sunday, December 8th, I headed over to Crane Street in Schenectady and got this photo of Empire Service
Train #281 which would be arriving at the Schenectady Station shortly after this photo was taken. The rail line that
runs over the mainline here is the CSX Carman Sub.
A CSX freight passes over the mainline on the Carman Sub with a pair of EMD GP40-2's for power.
Now passing through Schenectady is Amtrak Empire Service Train #284 with GE P32AC-DM #704 leading this speed demon!
Now at Castleton-On-Hudson, NY south of Albany, Empire Service Train #283 passes through
in 100mph territory on its way to an eventual destination of Niagara Falls, NY.