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"Champagne" Vista Dome Lunch
  Just like last year, I would do another ride in the Wine Train's legendary Vista Dome Car known as "Champagne". This is now my third time riding in this car and I highly recommend that if you plan to ride the train, consider riding it in this car! Though the entire train is absolutely world class and you will not be disappointed no matter what accommodations you book, this car features a private kitchen on the lower level in which all the food served in this car is prepared there. Also, this car has its own menu separate from the rest of the train. As a passenger in the Vista Dome, you also have full access to roam the entire rest of the train whereas passengers who are not booked in this car can roam the train except for the upper level of this car.
  Upon heading to the platform to board the train, you will see a professional photographer that will take your picture next to the train if you like. Once I boarded the train, I was directed to my seat and would end up having the same server on this train as yesterday and once again, she provided absolutely top notch service! We made an on-time departure from Napa at 11:30am and our orders were taken for the food selections we would like for this trip. One thing the Wine Train is very good at is spacing out the meal so by the time we get to Saint Helena, you're just about finished with the main course!
  Today I would start with the Hors D'Oeuvre which was a Flourless Yam Ravioli stuffed with house smoked goat cheese and topped with grape relish. My First Course would be a Red and Green Apple Endive Salad with gorgonzola cheese, hazelnuts and mustard vinaigrette. For my Entree or Main Course, I had the Roasted Beef Tenderloin on cambozola toast with a saute of vegetables in a Cabernet reduction. For Dessert, I would have a slice of Lemon Olive Oil Cake garnished with marscopone cream and a jam consisting of sherry, coniac, and many sugars. All of the food was absolutely delicious!!! For being another repeat customer, I was also given another tin of those chocolates like yesterday as well. The meal came with a glass of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige sparkling wine and I would later order a glass of Hagafen Vineyards Lake County Riesling and it tasted amazing!!! For what little wine I do drink (and it's extremely rare), I do prefer a sweet wine like a Riesling or a Rose wine. Both yesterday and today, I mostly just drank Diet Coke on both trains!
  Once the train arrived in Saint Helena, I started doing more pictures after the run-around move of the power was complete and would continue just roaming the train and spend some time on the platform of the Chardonnay Lounge Car. One thing I noticed other passengers doing was they were trying to get people in the cars on Route 29 to honk their horns at them as they rode by! Though this seemed interesting, I was more focused on just getting pictures of Napa Valley while riding the train! We made about an on-time arrival back at Napa around 2:30pm and just like yesterday, every member of the staff was excellent and treated all of us like we were royal or something! You just kinda feel that way when you're here!
  Well, I was gonna do more night photos tonight of the dinner train so after a quick dinner in Napa at Panda Express, I headed back to the Napa Station to doing more night photos (don't worry, you'll see them soon, I like to "save the best for last"!), for now, check out photos taken on this truly awesome journey through Napa Valley in a full-length dome car!!!
"Champagne" Vista Dome #1085 would be the car I would ride in for this particular trip. I highly recommend riding in this car if you can!
And this is why I recommend riding in this car! A glass-topped dome car providing spectacular views of Napa Valley along with world class cuisine!!!
Oh yeah, there's plenty of wine available for sale here in this car too! You name it, they probably have it!
Another view of this world class car, which was built by Pullman-Standard in 1952 and began its career on the Milwaukee Road's Olympian Hiawatha!
This view awaits you when you ride in the Vista Dome!
Here was the place setting for the table I was assigned to. More of that out-of-this-world delicious crusty bread was included along with a
glass of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige sparkling wine.
Hors D'Oeuvre: A Flourless Yam Ravioli stuffed with house smoked goat cheese and toped with grape relish. This was excellent!!!
Good day to hit the links! This driving range is actually located in front of the California Veterans Home in Yountville.
Part of Domain Chandon's vineyards in Yountville.
First Course: A Red and Green Apple Endive Salad with gorgonzola cheese, hazelnuts and mustard vinaigrette.
I'm a salad fan and sliced apples in a salad are a nice touch!
Like yesterday, today's train would make a stop at the Grgich Hills Estate Winery for passengers who purchased a tour with them.
We would pick up those passengers on the way back to Napa.
Another view of the largest bunny in Napa Valley!!!
Sutter Home, very popular wines from Napa Valley that are available back home in New York!
Now arriving at Saint Helena!
Time for the Main Course or Entree! The Roasted Beef Tenderloin on cambozola toast with a saute of vegetables in a Cabernet reduction.
Now back on the Chardonnay Lounge Car platform, here's a view of the Saint Helena Station just after departing.
Gott's Roadside in Saint Helena, busy as always!!!
I would eat at this A&W restaurant one of the nights I did night photos here. Their claim to fame is they feature made-in-store
A&W root beer that's made with cane sugar!
Traffic like this is actually normal for a Saturday in Napa Valley!
Now heading out of Saint Helena, I always liked seeing signs like this when you arrive into towns across the country like this!
Another view of those beautiful palm trees outside Heitz Cellar Winery!
Some new grapevines at the V. Sattui Winery in Saint Helena.
Passing the Corison Winery also in Saint Helena.
Crossing Route 29, heading back towards Rutherford.
Another dry creek bed. The entire state of California unfortunately is in the middle of a very serious drought.
Dessert: Lemon Olive Oil Cake with a blueberry reduction. Great dessert!!!
I always liked these flowers at the tables!
Back in the Oak Knoll District and heading for the City of Napa.
Looking out from the "Grappa" Power Car, the train is about to cross over the bridge over Route 29, now back in the City of Napa.
Looking towards the back of the train while going over Route 29.
Now back in Napa Station after another successful run!
Heading back into the yard for servicing after another great day!